Our Services

  • Revenue Cycle Management
    • Charge Entry Process

      Charges and Patient demographics, including insurance information, are entered into the billing system by GMM staff.

    • Claims Submission Process

      Claims are submitted to the payor via the payors preferred transmission method (electronically through clearinghouse or direct to payor, etc.) Claims are scrubbed by Payor Path Clearinghouse to ensure claim has correct/complete information so that it may be processed by the payor as efficiently as possible.

    • Receipt Entry Process

      Received payments are posted into the billing system and checked against the physicians contracted rates with the applicable payor. All payments received that are not paid at the correct contracted rate are addressed immediately, and monitored to ensure the payor remits additional payment.

    • Audit Process

      Beginning 14 days after claim submission, all outstanding claims are aggressively called on and worked up as appropriate until correct payment is received.

    • Patient Collection Process

      All patient balances are worked until either the account balance is zero or in house collection processes have been completed without account resolution, in which case the account is outsourced to an external collection agency upon approval from Client.

    • Credit Balances

      As important as it is to work each patient account until it is paid, it is also vitally important to address and manage credit balances. All credit balances are addressed on a monthly basis.

    • Correspondence/Denial Process

      All denials are worked by the Correspondence Specialist. Denials are monitored and tracked to ensure proper reprocessing and identification of denial trends.
      Global Medical Management maintains a staffing ratio level to ensure every part of the revenue cycle is addressed every month. We also believe educating the physician and the physician’s staff are crucial to optimizing reimbursement and ensuring regulatory and contractual compliance.

  • PQRS/MIPS Reporting
    • It is increasingly important for our clients to maximize Medicare revenue. We ensure your practice is aligned with registries to optimize resulting Medicare revenue incentives.

  • Credentialing
    • GMM specialists ensure your practice is current on insurance carrier enrollment to maximize rapid claims payment

  • Practice Management Reports
    • 24/7 access to your personalized real-time practice analysis reports

    • Reports allow you to spot key trends in your practice to improve procedure revenue

  • Accounting & Payroll Services

    Reduce your practice overhead and stress of managing your back-office functions:

    • GMM will keep your financial accounting up-to-date with real-time Balance Sheet, Profit/Loss, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and Accounts Payable reporting

    • Payroll Service –GMM will ensure timely payroll and federal and state withholding payments. Let us help alleviate this burden…You will be surprised how cost effective our rates are!

    • 3rd Party financial auditing either monthly, quarterly or annually

    • Year-End Tax Preparation and State & Federal Filing

  • Medical Malpractice and General Liability Insurance
    • We offer the most competitive rates. We can often secure better rates with your current carrier due to our volume transactions in this marketplace. Ask us for a quote today!

  • Health Insurance & 401k/IRA Programs
    • Enjoy health insurance premiums at the reduced rate large corporations pay with top of the line benefits

    • Save for retirement in tax protected 401k or IRA plans

  • Practice Management Consulting

    Our clients often ask for our expertise on a one-time or periodic basis to ensure compliance with complicated and ever changing government regulations. Areas we offer consulting help include:

    • HIPPA Privacy & Security Rules/Compliance

    • MIPS/PQRS Implementation and Trends

    • Practice Analytics Evaluation and Recommendations

    • Risk Management Processes & Policies